Cable Knit Crush

Ahh November. Here in NYC that means it is officially sweater weather. While we love New York all year round, there’s something about the Fall that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe its just all the hot apple cider we’ve been drinking and scarves we’ve been wearing? Well this year is no different. We are so excited to whip out all our fall fashion faves and introduce some new ones into our wardrobe. Right now we are crushing on cute cable knits, in all shapes and sizes.

Image via Nordstrom
Like we said, it’s sweater weather here in NYC. We spent all of October looking for the perfect fall sweater and we finally found it! This oversized, off-shoulder look is the perfect combination of comfort and style. And don’t even get us started on the colors, the antique bronze is amazing!
Image via Last Call
You know what goes great with cable knit? CASHMERE! Stay warm and cozy in this awesome cape. As soft as your throw blanket, you’ll never want to take this cape off. The best part is you don’t have to! It can be wrapped and draped in so many ways, can you say layers?
Image via Neiman Marcus
And of course, shoes! You didn’t think we’d forget did you? The CitySlips Luxe line at Neiman Marcus now has one more style to add to the collection, Cable Knit! Gorgeous Gray, Brilliant Black, and Chocolate Brown, how can you go wrong? These adorable shoes will keep your feet comfortable and stylish all year-long. Neiman Marcus loved these shoes so much, they put them in the Christmas Book! Hello stocking stuffers!
What are you crushing on for fall? Let us know on twitter! Tweet us @CitySlips.

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Halloween 101 (according to us, anyway!)

Candy, costumes & celebrations… oh my! Ahh yes, Halloween… the only time of year when pretending to be someone else, stuffing your face with candy, and thinking you’re a kid again is not only acceptable, but encouraged! Here at the CitySlips headquarters we fully plan on taking advantage of this once-a-year opportunity. How are we celebrating? Keep reading to see what we’re wearing, where we’re going, and what we’ll be munchin’ on throughout the weekend.

Wearing: Nothing makes me feel like a kid again quite like believing in magic, so why not dress up at a fairy?! The coolest, cutest, blondest fairy of them all, no less… Tinkerbell has totally caught my eye this year. Wings, a wand, and a green leotard and tutu, what more can you ask for in a costume?!

Our fave lil fairy, Tinkerbell!

Going: A Nightmare at The Dream Hotel – The Dream Hotel NYC

Munching: My halloween wouldn’t be complete with Reese’s Pieces. Ha, let’s be honest… neither would any other day of my life. Peanut butter covered in a chocolate candy shell?! To die for.

Wearing: This year I’m  whippin’ out an oldie but goodie, the classic black cat. An all black outfit with some whiskers and a cat-earred headband and you’re good to go! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t look cute with cat ears?

Going: Warehouse party in Brooklyn!

The classic no-fail black cat costume!

Munching: To top off my Halloween weekend, a stash of Tootsie Rolls. Chewy and chocolatey, the best combo ever!


Wearing: Inspired by Katie’s tutu. Did I say inspired? I mean jealous of Katie’s tutu, I’m  going as a ballerina. Halloween is for pretending right? Pink tights, pink leotard, and my pink CitySlips are perfect as my ballet slippers!

Going: Going? More like staying. Not gonna lie, for the first time ever I WANT to hand out candy!  I’ll go to a friend’s party after all the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed.

Munching:  And to keep with my pink theme, I’m  obsessed with Twizzlers Bites. Let’s just pretend I don’t eat them  all year round.

Twizzlers Bites... nomnomnom 🙂

Halloween here in NYC can get pretty crazy! What are your plans? Let us know, tweet us @CitySlips.

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High Heel Obsessions

Confession: We are OBSESSED with shoes [no, really?! ;)].  Flats, boots, pumps… just thinking about them gets us excited. But right now we are all about the heel… the higher, the better. But with so many great trends out there right now how are you supposed to choose?! Luckily, you don’t have to because we did the work for you. We all picked our favorite fall heels and why we love them.

Image via Dillard's

Katie’s Pick:

Perfect for work, these suede pumps are nothing short of amazing. The neutral color will match just about any outfit. Not to mention their serious leg-lengthening factor, this is a go to pair for day or night!

Image via Neiman Marcus

Susie’s Pick:
Clearly we have a thing for snakeskin here at CitySlips, we just can’t get enough of it! And these snake-embossed pumps are no exception. These smokin’ hot shoes will add some oomph to any outfit!

Image via Aldo Shoes

Amanda’s Pick:

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been drooling over these booties for a while now. The brown suede and wooden heel are the perfect combination,  and that chucky heel and platform will guarantee comfort for hours. These are perfect to wear with jeans or tights, and can be dressed up or down! I’m planning cute outfits in my head just looking at them.

What are your fall shoe obsessions? Tweet us (@cityslips) and let us know!

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Fall Fashion: Splurge… or Save!

While Fashion Week may officially be over, here in New York City everyday feels like a fashion show.  The sidewalks are our runways, and around every corner there are fabulous fashionistas wearing the latest trends. We can’t help but be a little (ok, a lot) jealous of their killer style. BUT – just because we don’t make the same $$$ as those supermodels doesn’t mean we can’t dress like them! Enter our latest blog post adventure… splurge or save!

Image via TopShop

The Hair: Great hair can really transform a good outfit to an AMAZING one. While the feather extensions may still be hot, we think metallic is the way to go. Splurge on this gorgeous headband from Dauphines of New York or save with this golden one from TopShop.

Image via Nordstrom's

The Dress: We just can’t get enough color this fall and color-blocking is the best way to do it! A bold orange is a great way to warm up a cool, Fall day. Splurge on this bright and colorful dress from DKNY or save on this equally fun dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Image via Forever21

The Bag: Nothing brings out the glam in every outfit like an amazing bag. Add a little glitz with some sequins! These bags are sure to make you shine, shine, shine. Splurge on this dazzling Kate Spade sequined bag or save on this sparkling clutch from Forever21.

Image via Neiman Marcus

And last but not least, The Shoes (duh): When it comes to shoes this fall we have one word for you… ANIMAL PRINTS. OK, two words… but you get the drift 😉 We can’t help ourselves, they’re everywhere! Leopard, snakeskin… you name it… we want it. The best part? CitySlips has got you covered! Splurge on the CitySlips Luxe at Neiman Marcus or save on the classics line.

Have your own splurge item on your Fall wish list? Let us know what you’re craving this fall and we’ll see if we can find a more wallet-friendly option for you!

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Rain, Rain Go Away.

After spending wayyy too many hours glued to The Weather Channel last week, we were all stocked up on water bottles, canned food, candles, batteries… our hurricane preparedness kits were FULL in preparation. And just when we thought all this weather craziness was behind us, THIS (see above) happens. Boo.

Of course, this less-than-stellar forecast stands no match again NY’s Fashion Week, which is kicking off tonight with Fashion’s Night Out, rain-be-darned. We feel you though… the wet dog look is NOT the best accent to that outfit you mentally prepared a few weeks ago. OK, maybe a few months ago, but who’s counting?! So… what’s a girl to do?

Well, we can’t help you with that fresh blow out, but we did put together some of our fave styles for your pending rainy day (and night!) adventures. Take a look!

First up, outerwear. We are loving this timeless trench by French Connection. A trench will always keep you dry and more importantly, chic! Available at Bloomie’s and just as cute on non-rainy days as well – total score 🙂

Image via Bloomingdales

Next, is the right pair of shoes. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain and finding puddles in your shoes (instead of on the sidewalk where they belong!). Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for comfort in this department. These lace-up rain boots by Chooka are trendy but will still keep your tootsies dry. We’re loving the way olive green goes with all of our Fall neutrals right now too!

Image via Nordstrom

And, of course, the umbrella. Umbrellas are the perfect way to add a POP of color to any outfit on a rainy, gray day. So why not opt for one like this from GiftCraft Inc.? It’s sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

And, last but not least (enter shameless Fashion Night Out plug here)… we’ve teamed up with DSW and will be at their Union Square location tonight for some great music, discounts, and freebies. Gunna be in the area? Come by and say hi – we’ll be there rain or shine 🙂

Cheers to staying dry (and stylish)!


The CitySlips Gals

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Who, What, Where: Our Fall Favorites

Even though we LOVE summer in the city (read: sunny weekends at the beach) here at CitySlips, we can’t help that fact that we’re starting to get a littleee excited for Fall! The fashion, the foliage, the food (pumpkin lattes, anyone?)… just thinking about it makes us warm and happy inside. Read more below for a list of our Fall Favorites!

Katie’s Picks

Who to See:

Can I pick two? McDreamy & McSteamy. Aside from Meridith’s slightly-too-frequent melodramatic episodes, I’m a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Constant drama, medical emergencies, whirlwind co-worker relationships, super hot doctors… what’s not to love?

And, uh, awesome that you can now watch full episodes online on

Tomorrow Planners, photo via

What to Wear:

BOOTS! Every size, color, brand… I have serious moments of weakness when it comes to this Fall wardrobe staple (ok, obsession) of mine.

I’m thinking these beauties might be one of my early September buys. Possibly in red. Too ambitious?

Where to Write:

As much as I am loving my new iPhone, there’s something timeless about a pen and a cute notebook. And really, is there anything more satisfying than crossing things off a handwritten to-do list? I think not.

With calendars, receipt pockets, and plenty of room for above-mentioned-to-do lists, this paper planner by Tomorrow hits all the right notes.

Susie’s Picks

Who to See:

Ok ok – I know my high school gymnastic days are long over… but I must admit I can’t wait to see the next season of Make it or Break it! Those girls have some serious moves and are inspiring me to get back to the gym. Also, did I mention the first (2) seasons are available for free on Netflix? Done & done!

What to Wear:

Neutral colors! I love this dress from Theory, perfect for work AND play!

Where to Write:

Heel Stationary!!! I just can’t get enough of SHOES or CITYSLIPS 😉

Amanda’s Picks

Who to See:

The smokin’ hot cast of Footloose! Anyone who knows me knows that dancing and watching 80s flicks might be my two favorite activities. So why not put them together in this awesome remake! I literally didn’t blink once when I saw the trailer! This seriously sexy cast has got some killer dance moves!

Aqua Bright Girlfriend Blazer, photo via Bloomingdales

What to Wear:

Like every other New Yorker, I open my closet and all I see is BLACK! Call me crazy but I am DYING to add more color to my wardrobe! How about this red hot blazer or these gorgeous purple jeans?

Where to Write:

It’s only been three months since graduation and I already want to go back to school shopping! Even though the days of new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencil are now behind me, I think I’ve found something to fill the void! This super-cute Marc Jacobs iPad case! My iPad should look cute too, right?

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Instead Of…

1. Instead of feeling bad because you chickened out of the long line for the McQueen exhibit at the Met….

I really did chicken out - photo via my Blackberry, Sunday afternoon outside the Met

…go to another museum instead. For example, the Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools exhibit at the Whitney in NYC. Prepare to be amazed as you first enter a huge room demonstrating video game bowling through the years, watch Kramer’s montage about a coffee table book about coffee tables on Seinfeld, and putt in a simulated golf game. It may sound silly, but the exhibit really puts into perspective the evolvement of entertainment and technology from the 80’s, 90’s, and now. And it’s way more fun than waiting four hours in line on a hot day (I only wait in line for two things: 1. really great food 2. Space Mountain). Besides, you can get a taste of the McQueen exhibit on Garance Dore’s blog – her photos are stunning! Almost like being there.

Photo via ArtTattler

2. Instead of feeling judged by your roommate that you’ve eaten a few too many Lean Pockets for breakfast, lunch and dinner the past few weeks…

Yes, they make them with pretzel bread - your eyes are not decieving you.

No alternative! Never feel bad about Lean Pockets! They are delicious and come in millions of flavors (note: millions is most definitely an exaggeration made by author). Listen to the wise words of the blogger from Slightly Exaggerated: “It would be the Lean Pocket that would save us both.”

3. Instead of crying over the nasty blisters because you wore your stupid Louboutins out last night (correction: in my dreams I am wearing Louboutins, in my reality it’s Steve Madden)…

Paris Hilton with high heel blisters! Photo via ShoeGallery

…buy CitySlips! Duh. What did you think we were going to suggest? Go and check out our sexy new python line at Neiman Marcus!

Perfect for Fall! Get them at Neiman Marcus

Photo via UrbanOutfitters

4. Instead of getting caught unprepared in a summer rainstorm and having to buy a cheap umbrella that will ultimately break 45 minutes later…

…get a small umbrella like this one from Urban Outfitters, and NEVER EVER TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR PURSE. Because you never know when you will need it. It’s a lesson I have to re-teach myself every year: just because it’s summer and the temperature is higher does not mean that rain does not exist. It does.

Photo via AllMyWriters

5. Instead of feeling like a jerk because you’re the only person who hasn’t read The Help

…go see the movie this weekend. You can always read the book later 😉 While you’re at it, make it an Emma Stone double feature and see Crazy Stupid Love as well (it was really good!). And then, after you’ve seen both movies, go bug that friend of yours who has been telling you for months to read The Help, and you’ve been putting it off because, well, Something Borrowed and the rest of the Emily Giffin collection took you awhile, okay?! And then calm down and read the book, because it’s good and it’s August and its probably the least commitment heavy month during the year (no major holidays, mostly everyone’s on vacation, school hasn’t started yet).

Photo via TheHelpMovie

And just because, watch Emma Stone gush about Lean Pockets with Chelsea Handler.



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