Halloween 101 (according to us, anyway!)

Candy, costumes & celebrations… oh my! Ahh yes, Halloween… the only time of year when pretending to be someone else, stuffing your face with candy, and thinking you’re a kid again is not only acceptable, but encouraged! Here at the CitySlips headquarters we fully plan on taking advantage of this once-a-year opportunity. How are we celebrating? Keep reading to see what we’re wearing, where we’re going, and what we’ll be munchin’ on throughout the weekend.

Wearing: Nothing makes me feel like a kid again quite like believing in magic, so why not dress up at a fairy?! The coolest, cutest, blondest fairy of them all, no less… Tinkerbell has totally caught my eye this year. Wings, a wand, and a green leotard and tutu, what more can you ask for in a costume?!

Our fave lil fairy, Tinkerbell!

Going: A Nightmare at The Dream Hotel – The Dream Hotel NYC

Munching: My halloween wouldn’t be complete with Reese’s Pieces. Ha, let’s be honest… neither would any other day of my life. Peanut butter covered in a chocolate candy shell?! To die for.

Wearing: This year I’m  whippin’ out an oldie but goodie, the classic black cat. An all black outfit with some whiskers and a cat-earred headband and you’re good to go! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t look cute with cat ears?

Going: Warehouse party in Brooklyn!

The classic no-fail black cat costume!

Munching: To top off my Halloween weekend, a stash of Tootsie Rolls. Chewy and chocolatey, the best combo ever!


Wearing: Inspired by Katie’s tutu. Did I say inspired? I mean jealous of Katie’s tutu, I’m  going as a ballerina. Halloween is for pretending right? Pink tights, pink leotard, and my pink CitySlips are perfect as my ballet slippers!

Going: Going? More like staying. Not gonna lie, for the first time ever I WANT to hand out candy!  I’ll go to a friend’s party after all the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed.

Munching:  And to keep with my pink theme, I’m  obsessed with Twizzlers Bites. Let’s just pretend I don’t eat them  all year round.

Twizzlers Bites... nomnomnom 🙂

Halloween here in NYC can get pretty crazy! What are your plans? Let us know, tweet us @CitySlips.


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