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One response to “Press

  1. Ivan Vallejo

    Dear Madams,

    The aim of my letter is to get information to become a distributor in Québec city and Montréal, Canada.I have seen your shoes worn by one of friends and they look great and she told me they are very comfortable. She bought them at U.S. but there are not here in east Canada and I am conviced that your product will have a good market reponse specially in summer. So these are my questions:

    Which is the initial invesment?

    which is the investment return time (average)?

    Which kind of support you offer to distributors?

    Which is the comission ? and how does the comission work?

    Are these shoes comfortable for jobs such as hostess and waitress?

    Are these shoes suitable for people who practice social dance?


    Ivan Vallejo

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