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Instead Of…

1. Instead of feeling bad because you chickened out of the long line for the McQueen exhibit at the Met….

I really did chicken out - photo via my Blackberry, Sunday afternoon outside the Met

…go to another museum instead. For example, the Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools exhibit at the Whitney in NYC. Prepare to be amazed as you first enter a huge room demonstrating video game bowling through the years, watch Kramer’s montage about a coffee table book about coffee tables on Seinfeld, and putt in a simulated golf game. It may sound silly, but the exhibit really puts into perspective the evolvement of entertainment and technology from the 80’s, 90’s, and now. And it’s way more fun than waiting four hours in line on a hot day (I only wait in line for two things: 1. really great food 2. Space Mountain). Besides, you can get a taste of the McQueen exhibit on Garance Dore’s blog – her photos are stunning! Almost like being there.

Photo via ArtTattler

2. Instead of feeling judged by your roommate that you’ve eaten a few too many Lean Pockets for breakfast, lunch and dinner the past few weeks…

Yes, they make them with pretzel bread - your eyes are not decieving you.

No alternative! Never feel bad about Lean Pockets! They are delicious and come in millions of flavors (note: millions is most definitely an exaggeration made by author). Listen to the wise words of the blogger from Slightly Exaggerated: “It would be the Lean Pocket that would save us both.”

3. Instead of crying over the nasty blisters because you wore your stupid Louboutins out last night (correction: in my dreams I am wearing Louboutins, in my reality it’s Steve Madden)…

Paris Hilton with high heel blisters! Photo via ShoeGallery

…buy CitySlips! Duh. What did you think we were going to suggest? Go and check out our sexy new python line at Neiman Marcus!

Perfect for Fall! Get them at Neiman Marcus

Photo via UrbanOutfitters

4. Instead of getting caught unprepared in a summer rainstorm and having to buy a cheap umbrella that will ultimately break 45 minutes later…

…get a small umbrella like this one from Urban Outfitters, and NEVER EVER TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR PURSE. Because you never know when you will need it. It’s a lesson I have to re-teach myself every year: just because it’s summer and the temperature is higher does not mean that rain does not exist. It does.

Photo via AllMyWriters

5. Instead of feeling like a jerk because you’re the only person who hasn’t read The Help

…go see the movie this weekend. You can always read the book later 😉 While you’re at it, make it an Emma Stone double feature and see Crazy Stupid Love as well (it was really good!). And then, after you’ve seen both movies, go bug that friend of yours who has been telling you for months to read The Help, and you’ve been putting it off because, well, Something Borrowed and the rest of the Emily Giffin collection took you awhile, okay?! And then calm down and read the book, because it’s good and it’s August and its probably the least commitment heavy month during the year (no major holidays, mostly everyone’s on vacation, school hasn’t started yet).

Photo via TheHelpMovie

And just because, watch Emma Stone gush about Lean Pockets with Chelsea Handler.




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