Help Us With Our New Project!

We had a great time Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the tradeshow – we made lots of new friends, collected many a business card, and hopefully spread the word even more about how essential CitySlips are in every woman’s wardrobe!

Speaking of essentials, we’re in the process of developing a new line and we need your help! Check out our photos and let us know in the poll what you like the best!

Click the photo to make it bigger!



Have suggestions for us??? Met us at the tradeshow and want to say hi again? Leave it in the comments!


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Tips About Trade Shows

This weekend, CitySlips is headed to Accessories the Show at the Javits Center in NYC. ATS is one of the industry’s largest trade shows, and the CitySlips team couldn’t be more excited to debut their newest styles and products to buyers from around the world! We will be there right alongside a ton of other cool, women-owned companies like Bootights, Marcia Leichter, BootTux, and Maggie Bags.

With all of the planning, prepping and sample schlepping going in our office this week, the trade show is at the top of the list in our ever-busy office. Ever been to a trade show? They’re fun, but can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers! Since we’ve done, ahem, more than a few trade shows already, we thought we might share some tips and insight about what a trade show is like and how to make the most of it!

Snacks: Trade shows can be loooong, and the food choices can sometimes leave us lacking for something a little more nutritious (and also less expensive – $12 for a sandwich? Ouch!). We always bring along some snacks to avoid headaches and keep energy up. KIND bars are awesome and created by a fellow entrepreneur, so we must admit we’re a little biased to these. Luna bars are also delish and have SO many good flavors…chocolate dipped coconut anyone?! Lastly, it’s never a successful day at CitySlips HQ without a few (read: a lot!) cans of Diet Coke nearby, so we may or may not have a mini-cooler under our booth’s table filled with the stuff. Don’t tell 😉

Notepads/Pens: These are always good to keep handy for anything – booth ideas, inspiration for a new product, scribbling down our next entrepreneurial endeavor on the back of a napkin… plus, the Jet pens featured on DailyCandy recently are too cute!

Business Cards: It’s always a good idea to carry a business card with you – you never know who you’ll meet. There are a ton of networking opportunities at trade shows, so it’s a good place for us to exchange contact information with others.

Photo via BrooklynSocialCards

Photo via BeastPieces

Still a student? Get one anyway! List your name, school, graduating class, phone, e-mail and be proud of your pre-career accomplishments.

Having your own business cards won’t hurt outside of the tradeshow world either. You’ll look professional in interviews or at any event where you meet a new contact. These are a few neat custom business cards that can be made online (or to get inspiration to hand-make your own). These stand out and so will you!

Networking Tips: What to do with your new business cards?! Oh, right – netork! Here are some tips we follow to this day.

1.     Write notes on the back of newly collected business cards (i.e. petite, marketing for 10 yrs, brown hair). You’re going to (hopefully) meet a lot of people. Write something that will jog your memory when sorting through stacks of business cards later that night.

2.     Send follow-up emails! Yes, to everyone. Possibly annoying slash also time consuming, but you really never know what can develop. If you don’t think there was much in common, a generic “pleasure to meet you, let’s keep in touch” email is fine. See more potential? Suggest coffee or lunch next week to chat if there seems to be opportunities to work together.

3.     Avoid talking about negative things (rain, traffic). Disregard the fact that it might have taken you approximately 30 minutes to get a cab in a monsoon – keep it light and pleasant.

4.     Examples and stories of your career or accomplishments are more memorable than a generic timeline or cut-and-dry facts. People are more likely to remember you as the awesome girl who ran in the marathon last week than your position as an account manager. Be yourself – you’re awesome – we promise!

Are you coming to the Javits Center this weekend? Reach out via Twitter, Facebook, or right here on the blog and let’s make sure to meet up! We’ll be there from July 31-Aug 2. Here’s a photo of our booth last year… and yes, we’ll be the ones in navy and hot pink again this year!

Susie's moving so fast setting up she's just a blur!

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Summer things you never knew you needed…

It’s the middle of the summer, and things are feeling….a little stagnant. The weather is getting to the point where it’s a little (read: a lot) warmer than we prefer, we’re all back to the grind after having spent vacations planned around July 4th, and we’re in a long stretch til the next national holiday (labor day!). So the best thing to do is shake things up a little and read our list of things you didn’t know you needed to liven up the rest of your summer!

Photo via Bethenny

SkinnyGirl Sangria: Did you know the creator behind SkinnyGirl Margarita came up with a new concoction? Here it is! The Skinnygirl Sangria, and frankly, I am pretty excited. Sangria is one of my favorite summer drinks, but let’s be honest – it’s kind of a chore to make! I haven’t tried this yet but I will soon – and even if I end up not liking it, I have my trusty Trader Joe’s secret recipe as back-up. Okay, it’s not really that secretive – all it takes is a bottle of two-buck chuck (Charles Shaw label for all those not in the know), sparkling water, and cut-up fruit. One of their employees passed it along to me a few years ago, and I swear it’s a perfect sangria recipe. PS: Bethenny, where’s Skinnygirl mojito?!?

Nude underitems: You’re wearing a lot of white and sheer items lately, yes? Watch out and make sure you’re not exposing parts of yourself that you don’t intend to. As all-white ensembles are a summer must, so are the nude undergarments that are a must underneath. PageDaily did an awesome round up of bras, underwear, and other accessories to make sure you wear white right!

Photo via Brookstone

Bed fan: Add this crazy bed fan to more random items at Brookstone that make you say, “I gotta have that.” Something else you probably didn’t know you needed? This popsicle maker. Claims to freeze yogurt, juice, and smoothies into delicious pops in minutes.

YOMA: A mix of yoga, mixed martial arts, and the Alexander technique, YOMA is a really unique approach to your typical yoga practice. Gregory Bycoff created YOMA and teaches private and group sessions all over NYC (I took my first class last night and LOVED it). Check out his schedule on the website to find out where you can try this fun and tough class.

Here’s a video of Bycoff doing YOMA, in case you’re curious

Ashton Kutcher “replacing” Charlie Sheen: You need to see this promo photo about the new season of “Two and a Half Men.” So funny! Admit it….you’re curious about what’s going to happen and how Ashton will be replacing Charlie. I know I am – and I don’t even watch “Two and a Half Men” so that’s saying something.

Photo via OnTheRedCarpet

Photo via ThebeautyDepartment

Dying the tips of your hair: Something about this look is so fun and summery, and I think it might be easier to pull off than it seems. Lauren Conrad’s website has a step-by-step from her hair stylist on how to create this look, and LC is really rocking the hair style! Since it’s just the tips, the bright colors can be hidden in a bun for work, and it’s temporary, so summer is the perfect time to test out bright colored tips!

Dr. Scholl’s Blister Defense Anti-Friction Stick: This thing sounds AWESOME. Apparently, you glide the stick on your feet and it creates an invisible barrier between your shoes and your skin, thus preventing friction which will cause blisters (the worst!). A reviewer says, “it glides on like a solid deodorant, but it doesn’t feel greasy or slimy or anything.” We love a good sole-ution over here at CitySlips, and for $7, it sounds worth it to us!

What are some other things we didn’t know we needed? Leave it in a comment!



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Leopard for the Win!

Leopard can be an intimidating item to incorporate into your wardrobe. How do you pull it off without overdoing it? Is it in season, or out? Do you look tasteful or tacky?

Peg's wearing A LOT of leopard. Oh, the 90's. Photo via ChainStrapPurse

Ah, one step at a time. In my experience, the only way to not overdo leopard is to simply wear one leopard item in your outfit. Too much leopard tends to be an eyesore, and that’s never good. For example, a simple belt or a pair of leopard shoes punches up an outfit to the next level without detracting away from the entire ensemble. The leopard belt here is understated and chic – anything bigger or wider and it would have taken away from the print on her dress instead of complementing the entire look.

Unexpected and lovely. Photo via SterlingStyle

Scarves and purses are also great ways to incorporate leopard into an outfit without going overboard, or if you’re like me, a little

Hippie leopard chic! Photo via DailyMail

Hippie Leopard Chic. Photo via DailyMail

apprehensive about going all out with a leopard dress, top, or pants. I love seeing larger pieces of leopard, but sometimes feel like I may be too short to pull off a big all-over print. So for me, having a handbag or a scarf lets me rock the trend until I get the guts to go buy myself leopard pants a la Hilary Duff!

Are you gutsy enough to pull off leopard pants? Photo via Celebrity-Gossip

I love the leopard scarf I bought for $5 off of a New York City street vendor, and its thin and light enough to be worn during the summer with an LBD, or tied onto my handbag as an accessory. This Rebecca Minkoff tote gets points for being cute and functional with its subtle leopard print, and I might be a little more than depressed that the matching iPad case is sold out…

Kim K wears leopard klothes. Photo via LOVELYish

As far as being in or out of season, as long as it is worn appropriately, leopard print is suitable year-round. In fall and winter, a leopard coat is a great accessory, but in spring and summer, little leopard dresses have been spotted on celebrities like Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens (and also on Kim Kardashian – as a jumpsuit!).

But by far the easiest, most accessible way to do leopard, no matter the season, is probably on your feet. You can find heels, wedges, loafers, flats and even sandals all in leopard print. The prices are anywhere from high to low, they come in every size, and remarkably can go with almost any outfit (I particularly like seeing leopard shoes with neutral basics such as brown, tan, white or black, or with bright solids like hot pink, red or teal). CitySlips is not behind on the trend either! The leopard CitySlips (both original and Luxe available exclusively through Neiman Marcus) are a fun and affordable way to see if the leopard trend is for you – or if you’re already a devoted leopard fan, these CitySlips are the perfect back up for your leopard heels after a night out!

CitySlips Leopard Luxe available at Neiman Marcus exclusively! Also CitySlips Original in Leopard available at

Hopefully the answer is clear now as far as tasteful or tacky – in excess, tacky! In moderation, tasteful.

When leopard gets tacky and terrifying! Photo via DailyMirror



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Why we’re excited for July

Even though we’re grown up and out of school, something about the beginning of July just makes us think back to our younger days. July epitomized summer – it was far enough away from June to avoid the gloomy weather and reminders of school, but way too far away from August to make you think of the summer as almost over. Also, is there any better holiday than the Fourth of July? Pool (or beach or lake), BBQ, family, fireworks, and the overall inclination to just yell “AMERICA” every now and then (that might not be a general feeling but it’s what I like to do on the fourth). Maybe it’s just me, but Independence Day is always epically fun. Here’s some things we’re excited about making, buying, or doing for the upcoming month ahead!

This cake: (it looks complicated but the creator of the design has a video on her site that will help. The Glorious Treats blog also has photos along with directions that walk through the steps).

photo via glorioustreats

This awesome American flag towel by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

photo via dufourworldwide

In NYC for the holiday? Go see 25 minutes of fireworks on the Hudson, brought to you by Macy’s (not in the city? Watch it on NBC). Beyonce and Brad Paisley will also be performing! Pop and country plus fireworks – what’s not to love?

Weekend trips to beat the heat, get out of town, and enjoy the summer! Katie recently visited Fire Island – here’s an easy step-by-step on how to get there from NYC. Carrie took a weekend away in Boston and Cambridge, only a four-hour drive away from the heart of Manhattan. Take a bus like Megabus or Bolt for an inexpensive and stress free trip. And Susie went away last weekend to the Hamptons. If you don’t know someone with a house or a share, there are plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from! Susie recommends The Mainstay.

photo via crateandbarrel

BBQ: nothing says summer quite like outdoor eating. We love some of the ideas from Page Daily, especially these ice cube straws – party trick! Also, this salad bowl from Crate & Barrel is amazing for anything from BBQ parties to picnics in the park – not only is the bright color great for summer, the base of it has an ice pack to keep things cool.



Last but not least, blasting Katy Perry’s “Firework” all day on the fourth!

What are you most excited about for July? Leave your answer in the comments!




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Fitness for your Feet

Heels…it’s a love hate relationship. You love to wear them, and yet by the end of the night you’re crying in agony, questioning if getting that guy to ask you out was really worth the torture of appearing three inches taller (answer? Probably yes). However, let’s get back to the love part. Because we do, we love them. We love how sexy and confident we feel in them, we love to fantasize over Beyonce’s turquoise Louboutins, we love to shop for them, whether it’s teetering around Saks or DSW – we’ll take high heels anyway you’ll give them to us.

So obviously we can’t give up our heels (cue shameless self-promotion about CitySlips here) – and after reading this article from FitSugar about the benefits of high heels, we’re even more convinced there’s no way we can part with our heels. Not only do we look and feel great in them, turns out those heels are not only toning our calves, they are also keeping the baby making muscles at their peak and maximizing our sex life! When women wear heels, they lean forward a little, strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles – this increases the ability for pelvic muscles to contract, making childbirth easier. Wearing high heels also mimics the movements in performing kegel excercises (the contracting of the pelvic muscles, making orgasms easier to reach and more intense).

Note the sheer intensity of Kristin Chenoweth's face as she starts the High Heel-A-Thon in NYC.

Heels are also a sexier way to tone up your calves than those Shape-Ups you see advertised by Kim K (seriously, does she wear those things out in real life? NO). While cute and sporty, you just cannot rock a sneaker out at the club or in the office. You can, however, wear a high heel. Just don’t push it more than two to three inches, or wear them all the time. “A 2010 UK study indicated that women who routinely wear high heels (two inches or taller) have shorter calf muscles and weakened Achilles tendons. Routinely wearing heels can also increase the chance of a sprained ankle or back injuries; other problematic issues can arise if short-term strains are ignored, such as bunions, arthritis, and foot and spine malformation.” Read a true story here (spoiler alert! always hold the handrail when going downstairs as well please).

Speaking of eating cake and high AMAZING is this designer shoe cake from BCakeNY? I think I am in love. And hungry.

Clearly, there are a lot of upsides and downsides to wearing those heels. Thankfully, our CitySlips come in handy so that feet, heels and calves are never pushed to the limits again when wearing high heels – kind of like having your cake and eating it too. And looking super sexy while doing so.




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Are you feeling bright today?

Bright colors are everywhere right now – on your nails, on your legs, in your hair (if you’re Gaga, that is). But even more exciting than all of that are the bright colors you can now wear on your feet with our new Bright CitySlips!

Lady Gaga at the CFDA Fashion Awards via Audrey Kitching

These fun, new shades are perfect for this summer’s bright color obsession. The foldable flats come in a spunky teal, a daring purple, and a personal fave, hot pink. It’s still the same fun, fashion forward comfort and convenience you’ve come to expect from CitySlips, but with a whole new look. Here’s a few ideas we’ve cooked up on some ways to rock these new colors this summer and even year-round!

The teal is a great color for that summer bride who wants to boogie all night long while still rocking her “something blue.” Because let’s get real, how cute is it when the bride slips out of her fancy heels and puts on something that’s not only more comfortable, but also a fun surprise to see peeking out under that gorgeous white dress?

Wedding shoe surprises via One Fab Day

With co-founders Katie Shea and Susie Levitt both being proud NYU grads, it’s only appropriate that we came out with purple CitySlips! For all you freshmen heading into NYU, you should probably get your pair now.  We walked those streets around Washington Square many a day heading to our classes – trust us – you’re going to want a pair of violet-hued kicks to get you back and forth to class! [Northwesterners, you can join this purple party too :p]

And hot pink, well, needless to say they will always come in handy – tapping into your inner Elle Woods, getting down at a summer concert, and jazzing up your day-to-day work wear. And we’re not the only ones obsessed – Cosmo agrees that hot pink never goes out of style. Check out their slideshow of hot pink accessories and makeup here.

So when that neon orange O.P.I. polish starts to chip, you realize only Mother Monster can wear turquoise hair and get away with it, or bright colored pants will never look quite as good on you as Cameron Diaz (curse her lengthy gams!), your always-there-for-you CitySlips will be ready for you to slip you feet into – in all the hottest colors.

Hot Pink, Teal, and Purple CitySlips!




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