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Who, What, Where: Our Fall Favorites

Even though we LOVE summer in the city (read: sunny weekends at the beach) here at CitySlips, we can’t help that fact that we’re starting to get a littleee excited for Fall! The fashion, the foliage, the food (pumpkin lattes, anyone?)… just thinking about it makes us warm and happy inside. Read more below for a list of our Fall Favorites!

Katie’s Picks

Who to See:

Can I pick two? McDreamy & McSteamy. Aside from Meridith’s slightly-too-frequent melodramatic episodes, I’m a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Constant drama, medical emergencies, whirlwind co-worker relationships, super hot doctors… what’s not to love?

And, uh, awesome that you can now watch full episodes online on ABC.com.

Tomorrow Planners, photo via Poketo.com

What to Wear:

BOOTS! Every size, color, brand… I have serious moments of weakness when it comes to this Fall wardrobe staple (ok, obsession) of mine.

I’m thinking these beauties might be one of my early September buys. Possibly in red. Too ambitious?

Where to Write:

As much as I am loving my new iPhone, there’s something timeless about a pen and a cute notebook. And really, is there anything more satisfying than crossing things off a handwritten to-do list? I think not.

With calendars, receipt pockets, and plenty of room for above-mentioned-to-do lists, this paper planner by Tomorrow hits all the right notes.

Susie’s Picks

Who to See:

Ok ok – I know my high school gymnastic days are long over… but I must admit I can’t wait to see the next season of Make it or Break it! Those girls have some serious moves and are inspiring me to get back to the gym. Also, did I mention the first (2) seasons are available for free on Netflix? Done & done!

What to Wear:

Neutral colors! I love this dress from Theory, perfect for work AND play!

Where to Write:

Heel Stationary!!! I just can’t get enough of SHOES or CITYSLIPS 😉

Amanda’s Picks

Who to See:

The smokin’ hot cast of Footloose! Anyone who knows me knows that dancing and watching 80s flicks might be my two favorite activities. So why not put them together in this awesome remake! I literally didn’t blink once when I saw the trailer! This seriously sexy cast has got some killer dance moves!

Aqua Bright Girlfriend Blazer, photo via Bloomingdales

What to Wear:

Like every other New Yorker, I open my closet and all I see is BLACK! Call me crazy but I am DYING to add more color to my wardrobe! How about this red hot blazer or these gorgeous purple jeans?

Where to Write:

It’s only been three months since graduation and I already want to go back to school shopping! Even though the days of new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencil are now behind me, I think I’ve found something to fill the void! This super-cute Marc Jacobs iPad case! My iPad should look cute too, right?


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