Why we’re excited for July

Even though we’re grown up and out of school, something about the beginning of July just makes us think back to our younger days. July epitomized summer – it was far enough away from June to avoid the gloomy weather and reminders of school, but way too far away from August to make you think of the summer as almost over. Also, is there any better holiday than the Fourth of July? Pool (or beach or lake), BBQ, family, fireworks, and the overall inclination to just yell “AMERICA” every now and then (that might not be a general feeling but it’s what I like to do on the fourth). Maybe it’s just me, but Independence Day is always epically fun. Here’s some things we’re excited about making, buying, or doing for the upcoming month ahead!

This cake: (it looks complicated but the creator of the design has a video on her site that will help. The Glorious Treats blog also has photos along with directions that walk through the steps).

photo via glorioustreats

This awesome American flag towel by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

photo via dufourworldwide

In NYC for the holiday? Go see 25 minutes of fireworks on the Hudson, brought to you by Macy’s (not in the city? Watch it on NBC). Beyonce and Brad Paisley will also be performing! Pop and country plus fireworks – what’s not to love?

Weekend trips to beat the heat, get out of town, and enjoy the summer! Katie recently visited Fire Island – here’s an easy step-by-step on how to get there from NYC. Carrie took a weekend away in Boston and Cambridge, only a four-hour drive away from the heart of Manhattan. Take a bus like Megabus or Bolt for an inexpensive and stress free trip. And Susie went away last weekend to the Hamptons. If you don’t know someone with a house or a share, there are plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from! Susie recommends The Mainstay.

photo via crateandbarrel

BBQ: nothing says summer quite like outdoor eating. We love some of the ideas from Page Daily, especially these ice cube straws – party trick! Also, this salad bowl from Crate & Barrel is amazing for anything from BBQ parties to picnics in the park – not only is the bright color great for summer, the base of it has an ice pack to keep things cool.



Last but not least, blasting Katy Perry’s “Firework” all day on the fourth!

What are you most excited about for July? Leave your answer in the comments!





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2 responses to “Why we’re excited for July

  1. New interns that write great blog posts, duh. 🙂

  2. I’m excited for my daughter to come home for a visit!

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