Fitness for your Feet

Heels…it’s a love hate relationship. You love to wear them, and yet by the end of the night you’re crying in agony, questioning if getting that guy to ask you out was really worth the torture of appearing three inches taller (answer? Probably yes). However, let’s get back to the love part. Because we do, we love them. We love how sexy and confident we feel in them, we love to fantasize over Beyonce’s turquoise Louboutins, we love to shop for them, whether it’s teetering around Saks or DSW – we’ll take high heels anyway you’ll give them to us.

So obviously we can’t give up our heels (cue shameless self-promotion about CitySlips here) – and after reading this article from FitSugar about the benefits of high heels, we’re even more convinced there’s no way we can part with our heels. Not only do we look and feel great in them, turns out those heels are not only toning our calves, they are also keeping the baby making muscles at their peak and maximizing our sex life! When women wear heels, they lean forward a little, strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles – this increases the ability for pelvic muscles to contract, making childbirth easier. Wearing high heels also mimics the movements in performing kegel excercises (the contracting of the pelvic muscles, making orgasms easier to reach and more intense).

Note the sheer intensity of Kristin Chenoweth's face as she starts the High Heel-A-Thon in NYC.

Heels are also a sexier way to tone up your calves than those Shape-Ups you see advertised by Kim K (seriously, does she wear those things out in real life? NO). While cute and sporty, you just cannot rock a sneaker out at the club or in the office. You can, however, wear a high heel. Just don’t push it more than two to three inches, or wear them all the time. “A 2010 UK study indicated that women who routinely wear high heels (two inches or taller) have shorter calf muscles and weakened Achilles tendons. Routinely wearing heels can also increase the chance of a sprained ankle or back injuries; other problematic issues can arise if short-term strains are ignored, such as bunions, arthritis, and foot and spine malformation.” Read a true story here (spoiler alert! always hold the handrail when going downstairs as well please).

Speaking of eating cake and high AMAZING is this designer shoe cake from BCakeNY? I think I am in love. And hungry.

Clearly, there are a lot of upsides and downsides to wearing those heels. Thankfully, our CitySlips come in handy so that feet, heels and calves are never pushed to the limits again when wearing high heels – kind of like having your cake and eating it too. And looking super sexy while doing so.





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