Own Your Sexy, says Laura Boyd

Laura Boyd’s baby is coming up on 18 months this January, after having a very successful year an d half of love and learning. This baby—actually anatomically non-human—has been named Laura Boyd Studio and has already been cultivated into a gem of a being. I suppose I had an urge to refer to Laura’s business as a baby because her photography just feels so alive and real. It would be difficult to set your eyes on this little one and not have a human reaction, hopefully in the form of a smile or giggle, no?

This realness quality is something I’ve come to admire her for in her approach to her business a nd li fe as well. I kind of have a hankering to start Living Laura, if you will. Already, only into her very early thirties, Laura has identified key characteristics of herself and her true enjoyments. She’s a learner. A creative spirit. Very can-do. Passionate, and self-directed. She enjoys art in a variety of forms, French—the language and the culture, tra vel, and people. Where my admiration for her comes from is not only in her ability to identify her traits and fancies, but to design her life such that they’re all catered to on a regular business. This last insight was what made Laura Boyd stand out as an exceptional woman entrepreneur.

A lovely shot of Laura's studio

Her unhappiness in lawyerdom, or the NYC world-of-law, warranted a life change. With the encouragement of a good friend, the dinner table conversations between Laura and her NYU Stern MBA-holding husband began. Support is an absolutely essential nutrient for entrepreneurs’ little ones, ahem, businesses. Renaissance men and women of today tend to swat away extended hands, thinking their two might be enough. Entrepreneurs can’t quite afford to be swatting though; For one, that’s a waste of your own hands. And second, pro-bono work, freebies, unsolicited advertisement—they’re all beautiful things and ultimately result in a fuller network of useful connections.

An equally lovely shot of her setup 🙂

At any rate, Laura’s support system is a strength in her business for sure. As is her willingness to learn. I asked Laura about her background in photography, photo editing, business, and web design and was first shocked and then impressed to hear that her knowledge had been recently learned upon her decision to start her company. She’s brilliantly taken advantage of the accessibility of information today, using YouTube videos and online tutorials for a considerable amount of her training. How often do we forget about the resources that are already available and end up dropping unnecessary dough? TOO OFTEN. Admittedly, it takes a certain disciplined spirit to sift through the resources available and then focus her attention, but that’s Laura for you! Her online learning has served as the perfect complement to her workshop attendance and classes at the International Center for Photography. Furthermore, she’s eager to learn from the experts. She doesn’t shy away from competition, but rather is embracing others in her field as mentors. Again, a quality for admiration.

This fall, Laura will travel to sunny California to have her photo taken by Boudoir Divas of San Diego, leaders in the Boudoir photography movement. Pause. What is Boudoir photography? Essentially, it’s an empowering style of photography meant to capture a woman’s character under a sophisticated sexy light, whether she’s exuding a romantic, mysterious, sassy, sultry, elegant or other vibe.  Laura’s love for the boudoir trend spawns from both its French roots and feel-good intention. Own your sexy, being Laura’s Boudoir tagline, you can understand the appeal of this photography style to women wanting to feel good in their own skin. And you can understand Laura’s desire to want to best be able to capture women feeling their sexiest, therefore boldly stepping out from behind the camera and onto the boudoir set. Rue Boudoir, an extension of Laura Boyd Studio, is sure to benefit from her learning by doing method. Fun, informative, and relatively cost-effective, Laura knows about learning.

Laura Boyd, entrepreneur and life enthusiast, has a promising path ahead. She’s gotten on the Boudoir Bandwagon just in time—at a world-relevant time and at a Laura-appropriate time. From pretty portrait to pretty sexy photos, Laura’s capturing the moments.

Three Lessons to be Learned from Laura:

Be true to thy interests

Lean on lovers

Learn, Learn, Learn!

Click the pic to see RueBoudoir sexy!

I know, I know—you’re absolutely dying to get yourself on Laura’s calendar and in front of her camera. Well, my writing bears good news. Not only is Laura graciously giving away a FREE MINI SESSION, whether it be portraiture or boudoir photography, she’s currently offering a phenomenal discount for her Facebook fans. If you’re to book your session in August, you have six months to get your shots in and will receive 30% off of her FAB services. So, why not enter our giveaway and make yourself eligible for both a FREE MINI SESSION anddd 30% OFF HER SERVICES! Win-Win. Smile

To Enter:

1. Fan Laura Boyd Studio on Facebook!

2. Subscribe to our FUNK-tional Femmes blog!

Thanks for reading and best of luck, Julia

Photo by Laura Boyd


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