Leanne Grechulk: $Gold Guru$

It tends to be a unanimous belief that bombshell beauties don’t have brains, but here we have yet another dynamite woman absolutely blowing up the scene with her commitment to holistic health and wealth. Leanne Grechulk, our Canadian power woman of the moment, further defies this outdated stereotype, with her knowledge more than dipping into the typically male sciences of engineering and toxicology and then continuing on to obtain an MBA! Smart, smart wholesome cookie, our affirmation-using, positively-minded entrepreneurial Leanne is.

In her startup pursuits, Leanne did not abandon her laboratory ways. Practicing her scientific method over a three-year pre-launch period, Leanne interviewed many-a-successful businessman and woman, gathering and analyzing their individual systems. Grechulk has taken her findings and gelled them into a wealthy-girl solution in the form of a new 30 Days to Wealth Book, accompanied by a coaching program set to begin this September. How often do researchers expose and explain each component of their prized solution, breaking down each crucial molecule of the matter? You’ll have to excuse my overly-zealous, metaphoric sciencey word play here.

Well, as zealous as I tend to be in my themed writing, Leanne’s zeal on her mission to inform and empower women on their paths to well-rounded success out-beats me. Read on below and soak up the excited energy that this firecracker is ready to spread:

What would a Leanne Grechulk career time line look like? From schooling to post-grad life, what’s your path been?

I think what makes life so adventurous is making detours and turns along the way! I am a science girl at heart and studied in both engineering and toxicology in university. My faculty advisor suggested that I look into an MBA (I guess he wanted me out of the lab!). Honestly, I think it was a wise move. As much as I love science, so many hours in a lab really didn’t appeal to me. I was fortunate enough to complete my MBA part time while working for Johnson & Johnson.  After many amazing corporate experiences and management training at several incredible companies (Nike, L’Oreal and DuPont), I was ready to dive into entrepreneurship. I spent 11 years working in a corporate environment which was an amazing training ground for me. I think my ability to be focused, set goals and be driven is thanks to my corporate training. I crafted a vision for a wellness company for women about 3 years ago and hence, HealthyGirl was born. It continues to evolve but the vision for the company is to inspire, educate and connect women. We’ ve decided to focus on three key areas: wealth, wellness and happiness. Our co aching, events and books take a holistic approach to success and emphasize the link between health and wealth. I got tired of sacrificing my health for business success and I hope to be part of the solution for women that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m also very excited that my new book ’30 Days to Wealth’ will be launching very soon in hardco py! 

*Watch a clip of our little Gold Guru speaking on the subject here!*

What inspired starting the Healthy Girl online community?

I felt that there was a need for a wellness brand for women that took a holistic approach to business success, happiness and health. When I was 29,  my health started to decline as I became more successful in my corporate career. Because health and wellness has always been a priority for me, I quickly became frustrated and disempowered with my insane schedule and would often try to find a 24 hour gym to sneak a quick workout in late at night (I’m sure I’m not alone!). My body was doing the talking and so many of my friends were in the same boat. So, I made it my mission to launch HealthyGirl and commit to being a part of the solution. Freedom has become my new vision! I truly believe that being successful can include time freedom and optimal health!

What does it mean to be a “Healthy Girl”?

Ha! I like to define a HealthyGirl as one who is seeking alignment. To me, this is ever evolving and of course a lifelong journey. A HealthyGirl is a woman who is true to herself and working towards better understanding herself, raising her consciousness and radiating beautiful energy and personal power. If one is not in alignment, it’s very difficult if not impossible to create the most amazing and abundant life. A HealthyGirl is one who is ready to take risks and jump in the drivers seat for her own life. One of my favorite quotes is ‘Act as if it were impossible to fail’.

Do you have blogger contributors? Where does all of your content come from?

Absolutely! Honestly, this is my favorite part of being an entrepreneur. I have met the most amazing women both in person and virtually.  We have just launched a HealthyGirl Coach Certification so our coaches will regular bloggers. However, we do have about 20 experts in areas of health, wealth and wellbeing that blog for us.  I also like to share my favorite things online through blog posts which I will be doing more frequently moving forward.  HealthyGirl 2.0 is launching this week and you can take a sneak peak at www.healthygirl.net. I’m just getting into video blogging and podcasting. Definitely out of my comfort zone but so much fun!

I love that you reference Suze Orman and others necessary “case studies,” if you will, for success when speaking about finances. How have these examples shaped your own business model and approach?

When I speak at events and seminars, I love to use my MBA example. Can you imagine that I graduated with an MBA without understanding much about the personal wealth formula. I could absolutely figure out if a company was in the red financially but had no clue about my own finances. I think this is very common. Because our education system doesn’t teach us to build wealth, we often wake up one day frustrated that we’re always living paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully, I woke up in my 20’s and realized that I wanted to learn how to create wealth and get started asap! Again, freedom is the key for me. I’m not interested in creating wealth to by junk and clutter. I’m really a simple gal. However, I’m not stressed about money and I have the ability to pick up and travel or move whenever I wish. I own my schedule and I am in control of my time and finances. I am truly grateful for this and hope to teach women across the globe to jump into the drivers seat for their own finances. Life is too short to stress about money your whole life!

Your 30 Days to Wealth Program is about to launch! Can you tell me a little bit about the idea behind it, the program, and your expectations for it?

Absolutely! I spent about 3 years interviewing and meeting wealthy female entrepreneurs (and men!). They truly have so much in common and all have such incredible energy! I documented everything they taught me and put together a 30 Day Program to help other women have a recipe for financial independance. I wrote the program as an e-book that did very well and I had many requests to launch it in hard copy. This month, 30 Days to Wealth will hit bookstores and amazon.com and I have also decided to launch a coaching program to compliment the book. We all need mentors and it’s so much easier to accelerate success if you have someone to support you. The first 4-week coaching program will begin in September and we will run a group each month. Details are at www.thirtydaystowealth.com.

You speak about widespread fear of money among women. What is one way to lessen one’s fear of money that women can implement today?

Have lots of resources and tools. It takes time to develop the mental muscles to support success. I honestly read or listened to audio books daily for about 3 years and continue to do so. My suggestions would include making your car your wealth university and stocking up on wealth and success cd’s. I went a little extreme- got rid of cable and was laser focused for 2 years. Not everyone is willing to do that but again, it’s all about how committed you are to accelerating your success.

What are your future goals for yourself and Health Girl?

This question comes at a perfect time as we develop our 3 year strategy! My coaching will focus on our ’30 Days to Wealth’ program for this fall. I also hope to certify 5-10 more coaches to work with us at HealthyGirl over the next 6-9 months. We’re also launching our new web platform- HealthyGirl 2.0 next week. We’re also hosting another WellSpot Symposium for Women in 2011 (the last one was in 2008) My 2 year vision is to have a facility to run HealthyGirl programs and workshops! So many exciting things….

Speaking of exciting things, Leanne is giving away a spot in her coaching program

along with a copy of her book to one lucky FUNK-tional Femmes reader!

GIVEAWAY: how to enter

1. SUBSCRIBE to our blog so that you’re an eligible reader.

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It’s sooo super easy to enter. Don’t you want to find your wellspot?

And since you love to read (obvi!), check out Leanne’s blog!

Stay tuned for more on Leanne 😉


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