Rue de L’entrepreneur

The B train this morning was an unusually quiet ride of an over-tired, under-enthused NYC commuter bunch. I’ll estimate that 95% of the crew had their eyes shut, 3% were reading, and all 2% were riding wide-eyed. I, naturally, constituted one half of this two percent of wide-eyed, observing individuals. And, as observation typically provokes thought, I got to a bit of thinking, deciding that those who are awake and engaged must be motivated individuals, harnessing an entrepreneurial can-do morning energy. This thinking is admittedly a little narcissistic and without merit, as it’s likely founded on nothing but a bitterness that I, for the life of me, cannot sleep on trains. Never-the-less, my characterizing the entrepreneurial individual as alert, rearing, and perpetually thinking—whatever the source of the characterization may be—is less disputable.

Proceeding the quieter train experience, a man so awake that he put my wide-eyes to shame shared one of his coveted Starbucks money-saver secrets with me. He’d ordered a Grande iced coffee in a Venti cup. I’d ordered a Venti iced coffee. We each retrieved our respective drinks from the counter and while I poured out a good inch and a half of coffee, he simply removed his cup’s lid and poured in an inch and a half of milk. So, while I paid $2.95 to pour out coffee, he paid $2.55 to enjoy a perfectly proportioned drink. I again decided that this clever man must be of an entrepreneurial mind. Granted, this concept is somewhat elementary and I’m rather embarrassed to be sharing just how impressed I was by the act, the always-searching, cost-saving, savvy mind of an independent thinker comes across in the most minute ways.

A desire to relate these morning anecdotes back to our FUNK-tional Femmes in a more fashionable way has resulted in my piecing together a RueLaLa original outfit. Why? Well, for one, if you don’t know about RueLaLa, it’s time to get on board. And two, because the savings you’ll encounter on the site will make you so giddy with money-saving delight.

Open your eyes, save yourself some cash, and embrace the entrepreneur character within. Start with the pant–the tack board of this outfit, and then pin yourself pretty with an edgier top and some enviable boots.

Original Price: $185.00

RueLaLa Price: $69.00
Original Price: $595.00

RueLaLa Price: $249.00
Original Price: $132.00

RueLaLa Price: $49.00
Original Price Total: $812 BIG ONES
RueLaLa Price: $367 friendlier ones
RueLaLa Savings:


Just think–$445 extra dollars to invest in your entrepreneurial endeavors! Whether that means extra cash thrown toward a website revamp, or further investment in your apparel (so totally and completely justifiable), the option of further spending or saving will feel la-la-lovely.


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