Sheck it to me!

“I honestly want to marry you guys. We don’t have to consummate the marriage or anything, but damn!”

– Excited Shecky’s Philly attendee

The enthusiasm of Girls’ Night Out Shecky’s Shoppers is truly unparalleled. Their energy level, already kicked into high gear over fabulous fashion and otherwise finds, is further fueled by the open bar situation that the event coordinators so thoughtfully and cleverly provide. This one particular Shecky’s attendee seemed to have been dumbfounded, awe-struck really, by our flats concept. I’m going to go ahead and say that the flattery was fortified with alcohol’s enthusing affects, but nevertheless, the wedding proposal was certainly the finest compliment that we’ve received just yet.

Our encountering this potential suitor was just one highlight of our two-night Shecky’s participation this past Wednesday and Thursday night, a week ago today. Shecky’s is always a good time, but this time around Susie and I thoroughly enjoyed the Philly vibe. The women were nothing less than jovial. Unified mass dance breaks took place without prompting and even little groups of girlfriends started gettin’ down on their own accord.

So, naturally, Susie and I adopted the spirit of the evening and had some of our own fun. We mingled with fellow female entrepreneurs and fancied ourselves a few samples. Yes, samples–I don’t know if you’re aware, but one of the greatest perks of Shecky’s events is the unbelievable, humorously over-stuffed goodie bag. Goodie bag actually sounds like an inappropriate term for this bulging, beautiful beast of a bag. Filled with everything fromVeet hair removal cream to The Body Shop perfumes.

Sus and I could hardly contain our excitement…

Susie Girl workin' the table

...and your truly following Susie Q's lead 🙂

Personally, I was just expressing my excitement over our proximity to the Lean Cuisine Counter. As fun as these vendor-friendly events are and as quickly as they fly by, hunger tends to set in during the most inconvenient of moments. Buuut if you’re lucky enough to be manning a booth just opposite a food center, not only do you get plenty of foot traffic, you get to satisfy yourself when hunger strikes!

The Lean Cuisine Kitchen

With Lean Cuisine behind us and the Veet promo team in plain view, the parades of women passing the setup kept our energy pumping and minds abuzz. We loved watching the women walk by, but of course loved when they came to a marching band halt before our table. They tend to travel this way, the Shecky’s women–in bands, or packs, groups, or flocks. The Social Shopping Event of the Century. Sounds like a Times review, eh?

You stand across from the Veet promo boys long enough and you have to take a picture...

Shecky’s is Great,

its sure to Elate

All who engage

in this girls’ night Date

Dedicate your Eve,

You won’t want to Leave.

Just scream, sheck it to me!

and you won’t believe

The number of goodies that tumble your way–

You’ll be in a daze for the whole next day!


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