EatWHATEVahh and breath bettahh :)

Happy Tuesday!

It’s time to announce last week’s winner of the Amy Palmer live-production shoot accompaniment!

This fall YOU will get to experience TV production first hand,!

What an incredible experience you shall have. Us CitySlips girls can’t wait to hear about it!

And speaking of experiences, let’s move onto JACQUI ROSSHANDLER, and the unique experience that she provides, providing them in the form of: MINTS! (GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES BELOW!)

If anyone can rejuvenate the breath mint, revitalizing it through a new suck and swallow method, our sexy Aussie entrepreneur, Jacqui Rosshandler can.  I’ve had the pleasure of lunching with Jacqui a couple of times now, soaking in the warm, excited rays that carry excitedly through her wonderfully impassioned voice. It’s rare these days to engage in conversation with a female who so eloquently expresses herself in her inflection. Jacqui, though, values true, deeply-originating enjoyment. Her EatWhatever mints, enacting this life-abiding principle—to enjoy thoroughly and completely—plant their minty gel capsules deep in the pits of your stomach and fertilize all the little breath-devastating critters trudging around. We all know that happiness and healthiness originates, or is cultivated within us, but how often do we cater to this knowledge, acknowledging it and living accordingly? Jacqui has made abiding to this principle via the breath mint possible, going beyond the superficial, balancing the mint’s masking element with its oft-forgotten counterpart: the hard-working, actual problem-solver.

Her method of revitalization couldn’t be more commendable as the green-conscious entrepreneur has called upon the even greener-conscious in her mindful mint creation. Read the first-hand interview below to learn just how Jacqui Rosshandler has become the freshest fab and functioning female in the mint market.

In a nutshell—or minty little capsule—who is Jacqui Rosshandler and what does she stand for?

I’m a 28 year old Australian entrepreneur living in NY. I love spending time with my incredible friends, traveling all over the world, running, eating and drinking!

While we love and cherish the breath mint in daily life, what inspired and motivated you in developing a greener, healthier breath freshener?

I found that mints and gum merely masked my less than perfect breath, especially after I’d eat a fantastic meal that contained garlic or onion. So I went in search of a breath freshener that worked in the stomach – the source of most bad breath, and when I couldn’t find one that was all natural,

vegan and cute, I decided to make my own.

What was the development process like? Lab visits, food research—give us the lowdown.

First I went to a trade show to learn all about gel caps (ie the different versions available, how they are made and filled etc). Once I found a gel cap manufacturer who created vegan gel caps out of seaweed (as most gel caps are made out of beef and/or pork derivatives, neither of which I eat) I asked them to do the R&D and create a trial run for me.  They were, magically, brilliant and so from there I went on to source a sugar-free mint (to suck on for instant freshness in the mouth) and then found a packaging designer and so Eatwhatever developed into the first 2 step system to kissable breath.

How has being an entrepreneur in NYC helped your business growth?

There are so many places I can sell product within just a mile from my own apartment, it has made it so easy to approach retailers. Most companies have offices or headquarters in the city so it really is a great place to sell in. Furthermore, not only does NY have a huge population who need fresh breath, but most of them are single, young, eat out and appreciate the confidence Eatwhatever gives them when

dating, being interviewed, speaking in meetings, attending college…. and basically living the fast paced, perfection seeking NYC life.

As an attractive Aussie woman promoting product, how do you deal with the vendors who view you as a Vanne White presenter?

Who the hell is Vanna White? OK, post google-ing I think it sometimes works in your favor and sometimes in doesn’t. It helps people remember you when you have an accent and are young but it’s also sometimes difficult to be taken seriously by vendors. But hey, I’d rather be me than someone else so I guess I’ll just have to keep at it until they take me seriously.

What’s the biggest battle you face in your efforts as an entrepreneur and how are you currently combating it?

In terms of being an entrepreneur, being taken seriously is a bit of a hurdle. In terms of my product, Eatwhatever is a breath freshener that sits amongst well known mints and gums created by multinationals with huge marketing budgets. Competing with them is tough but I think people like that Eatwhatever is premium, organic, natural, vegan and was created by a young female entrepreneur doing it all herself. So, I hope that the product and the story behind it will catch people’s attention and the word will spread that Eatwhatever really eliminates bad breath naturally whereas mints and gum just mask bad breath.

What exciting things are lining the horizon of Jacqui’s future?

I am working on  raising funds in order to take Eatwhatever to the next level. Eatwhatever is going to look a little different – its going to be totally natural (no artificial colors) and its going to come in a smaller, cuter, more eco-friendly little pack. Once it’s in it’s new costume, you should be able to find Eatwhatever in every drug chain, health food chain and supermarket chain near you.

Give us a few quirky facts about yourself, your business, or maybe give a fun fact about your hubby 🙂

My husband is a diplomatic consultant, so while he is saving the world I’m saving people from their own bad breath AND having to smell someone else’s stinky breath. There’s no excuse anymore. Onion, garlic…. with Eatwhatever you can eat whatever and still have perfect kissable breath.

There really isn’t ANY excuse, seeing as Jacqui is GIVING AWAY a bunch of breath-beautifying mints to a lucky winner!

Enter to Win!

How, you ask?

1. You must be a subscriber to our blog, FUNK-tional Femmes

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3. You gotta Tweet @CitySlips about how much you LOVE Eat-Whatever!!

And then, my friend, you’ll start living by Jacqui’s law and solving from the inside-out. Clevahh



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3 responses to “EatWHATEVahh and breath bettahh :)

  1. What a sweet article! Thanks gals. Let’s lunch again soon! xxxxx

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  3. Jessica R

    EatWhatever mints sound so cool–I can’t wait to try them! I’m a garlic bread lover and have tried every mint and gum on the market–it sound like EatWhatever mints could be my solution!

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