The Gumby Entrepreneur

Good old Gumby, famed American TV favorite, might be a fair analogous example of the hard-stretched entrepreneur. When comparing the two for their strengths, however, our clay friend’s body composition highlights the inability of the human race to effectively stretch itself in quite the same way. To be in two places at once, mentally or physically, is simply not in the cards for us mere earth-bound beings. While super-powered Gumby’s atomic make-up is undeniably a brilliant concoction that allows him inhuman flexibility, one has to wonder: how pleasant can such extreme dynamism truly be in our tightly-wound world?

If Gumby were an entrepreneur, would he be successful? I regrettably believe that his bendable character would ultimately be backbreaking as childish adult peers would be tempted to test the gummy, stretchable embrace of this warm soul. The immature, arm-tugging, business-villains likely wouldn’t let up until his elastic quality snapped. Sure, he could combat one arm-tugger by bursting into an army of little clay soldiers, but then he’s ultimately defeated himself in weakening his own resource—the one that stems from a whole being.

Entrepreneurs, being multi, oddly-talented people who have rare, unshared original thoughts, would naturally be threatening to the ordinary, suited Wall-Streeter. Secretly longing to be a Bermuda short-wearing men, snuggie-clad in their very own home offices, it’s hard for the corporateers to put away their bitter stingers.

But if Gumby were to stretch an arm back first to help a supposed friend without firmly taking a forward hold first, wouldn’t he be ineffectively serving the both of them? It’s the entrepreneurial dilemma enacted in a different way: the self-starter typically likes to do it all, for everyone, at all times, absolutely consumed by all that is going on around him. Not to say an entrepreneur should be selfish or a loner—if anything he should be the most networked individual in town—but this potential over-stretching needs to be guarded against. While entrepreneurs certainly aren’t made out of clay, they’re a tad more malleable and impressionable than the less-concerned employee.

They aren’t made out of clay, and they’re also not typically green. To pick on Gumby as an entrepreneur just a little longer, I have to say that were he to wear Bermuda shorts of any kind on his green, imprintable body, he’d look an absolute fool. We humans, however, can rock the longer short without too too much effort.

The rolled honey Bermuda Short by Joe’s Jeans are an easy option for those who seek chic casual wear. Tailored enough and well-fitting, that home-office Bermuda short will carry you into a Coffee shop business conference, cool and collected.

The keep the casual-chic vibe flowing and again, transition you from the at-home entrepreneur scene to the out-of-the-house scheduled meeting, throw on your Thayer Men’s Shirt with your Joe’s. Not only does the shirt sharpen the look, it adds in the professional element while letting you wear something otherwise a tad over-sized. Doesn’t it feel kinda nice to walk out of the house in threads that remind you of  your man’s? Spritz yourself with a stronger, heavier cologne for the day and really be true to the look.

Need a suggestion? I adore Organza by Givenchy. It’s a scent for the bold and empowered female, for sure. See how your body chemistry–it’s all about our make-ups today–reacts to the stronger fragrance.

Between the Bermuda shorts, men’s shirt, and striking scent, you’ll be comfortable, casual and admirably fashionable.


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