Necessary Knuckles?

Being the most creative person in the world, you can understand how upsetting it is when you learn that someone born decades before you has stolen your product idea and has already manufactured a line extension three times over. The resulting jealous flare up burns in an intolerable, face-reddening fashion and your heart’s previously excited flutter speeds to an angry pulsing as if being tread upon by a dream-stomping stallion. The stallion—beautiful in its poised and pompous stature—provokes one’s bitterness such that moving forward and onto the next totally-and-completely-original, never-before-pondered, absolutely-stunning-in-its-creativity product a tad difficult.

Overcoming this pride-pounding, however, is absolutely necessary to an entrepreneur’s success and in fact, builds character. I know—how could the quirky entrepreneur possibly benefit from any added amount of character, you wonder? Well, the loftily-dreaming self-starters tend to be a little whimsical in their passionate frenzies and need a touch of chiropractic spine-strengthening every once in a while. A weak backbone topped by a bloated, juicy brain of ideas is bound to be crushed, vertebrae by flimsy vertebrae. So, what exactly is this chiropractic secret that snaps independent business owners into place? A placebo prescription and a good smacking! Chuckles.

I hate to push forward this inevitable truth—that experiencing disappointment or failure is the only way to effectively work through it and avoid its future looming—but… Er, wait. I have just had a sizable paradoxical balloon burst over my professing head, as I try to warn you against exactly what I’m saying you can’t avoid.

In light of this realization, let’s veer toward a more tangible, recorded method of spine-impacting that will provide you with an unforgettable experience, sure to leave a mark. Brass knuckles, an ancient weapon that’s continually updated for our modern times, manage to resemble paw-prints, double as a bottle opener, and inspire coffee mug designs all at once. How do brass knuckles inspire such creativity? When worn on forward-moving fingers intending to strike a sucker’s sorry chin, brass knuckles knock out one’s sense and make room for nonsense. Nonsense, being the pronoun for innovation, of course…

And so, the harsh, very real feeling of metal colliding with a feeble chin is identifiably a character-building experience.  And since we CitySlips ladies are in support of character-building experiences, but would like to promote their taking place in a slightly less violent manner, we present you the Tuff Luv Knuckleduster by FancySexyMe.


It’s Giveaway Time AGAIN!

How much do you love this most sophisticated updating of the potentially-decimating design? We love it enough to share the style secret with you and offer one lucky subscriber the chance to win their very own life-changing, back-bone scaring (and consequently straightening) Tuff Luv Knuckleduster! WOOT WOOT.

To be eligible for entry into the giveaway, entrants must

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Don’t miss your chance. You know you need a little tough love from time to time…

Winner to be announced Tuesday July 20 along with the lucky winner of one of Vanessa Coppes EnV pieces! Stay tuned for a terrific Tuesday!



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