BlinkPR. They’ll have you starry-eyed.

A feature on founder, Katherine Fleischman.

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Try to blink. I dare you. And so does Katherine Fleischman, founder of BlinkPR. The communications-savvy public relations specialist knows how to speak volumes above the New York noise and catch attention of even the most tuned out souls.

A self-starter, Katherine sort of happened into the boutique PR sphere that she so radiantly shines in today. A University of Michigan alumna, Katherine studied the complementary routes of art history and psychology. It’s true, these areas are not necessarily parallel courses, but there’s no denying the intersections of art and psychology have gifted Katherine with particular insights for creative approaches in business and catering to her breadth of highly original clients. The Masters to follow in PR and Corporate Communications from NYU only further complemented this skill set and provided a few more overlaps and insights.

While such an analysis may be observable now as an outsider, Katherine was unaware of this correlation—or it simply wasn’t brought into her consciousness—until one particular position at a lifestyle-focused boutique PR firm illuminated her abilities. Working as an assistant for the owner of a smaller firm afforded her a wealth of direct-contact experience, as she was guided in and then expected to write press releases, learned to pitch a story, and schedule the itinerary of a PR professional.

These first few work experiences are often times more directional than one ever envisions them being. In Katherine’s case, this launch pad work environment catapulted her thoughts right into this boutique PR arena and inspired the founding of her own company. Apparently, the entrepreneur unexpectedly found herself as a CEO, simply deciding one day that she had enough wind—or would create enough wind—to spread her wings and fly solo. The monetary resources weren’t great, but how often does one have a lump of gold waiting for the chosen moment to start-up? The ambition was enough to fire her up and keep her soaring, acquiring a variety of artistic clients on her path.

Today, Katherine has an evident compassion for the self-starter and enjoys leveraging the up and coming of their respective fields. Her clients and past projects have included violinists, fashion designers, professional organizers, shoemakers, and the eco-friendly.  With such a diverse group of skills to promote, one might wonder how Katherine manages to tap into niche nooks and crannies of specifically-inclined audiences. How does one reach the unorganized, yet financially comfortable and capable woman in need of a professional organizer?

Undertaking the mission,Katherine sifts through her [ever-growing] database of over 12,000 contacts, tailors press releases and pitches, and works with seven intern accomplices.Her clients are what get her through the day. I’m not speaking of their literal financial facilitation, but rather of their rejuvenating spirits. When asked about idols she tries to emulate in her business, Katherine humbly replied that the ones she works for provide the inspiration to keep her aspiring. She tends to attract a humanitarian bunch, who are consistently benefiting one nonprofit or another in their businesses, diligently donating even in their early penny-pincher stages.

(Check out Out of Print Tees and NaanaB to see some of Katherine’s super-hero clients)

Katherine, making an effort to penny-pinch and continue to serve such stellar clientele, has turned to Gmail as BlinkPR’s  go-to business-managing tool. Offering free collaborative services including the shared calendar and doc sharing ability, it’s truly an efficient monetary saver. Hopefully I’m preaching to a choir of well-versed gmailers, but if not, I highly suggest you get on board.

The only way one can get excited about Gmail, databases, increasing working hours, and emerging expenses is if she’s doing what she loves. Katherine, an advocate of only committing to a job that excites, emphasizes the success that comes with following a passion. It’s a line we hear in a variation of clichés over and over,“follow your heart, your dreams, your desires,”—you fill in the blank—but why not just get over your aversion to clichés and accept that they exists for a reason? Our girl Katherine here is a prime example of power blossoming out of passion. Take a hint.

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