Dog Park Drama. Avoid It.

Dog park Drama. The expert eavesdropper I am, I’ve managed to get to know the diehard dog-parkers back stories by assuming a morning drowsiness, distracted-type stare and perking up my ears to their conversation. Most of them are complainers. Taking on this sociologist persona, I not only accidentally overhear tidbits of conversation and choose to include myself when I feel so inclined, I also mull over the topics of choice, their relevance, and the dog interactions taking place all the while.

Recently, Steig Larsson and his trilogy—specifically, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—have occupied the dog park arena of discussion. Honestly, one might mistake the circling of middle-aged standing women to be a book club gathering were they to overhear the conversation. Despite their attention seemingly being entirely centered on the posthumous best-seller, as soon as one of their little ones treads on the wrong spot (the wrong spot arbitrarily determined by the owner), engages in playful fur-tugging with a doggy friend, or rolls around in the admittedly somewhat-repulsive park gravel, snippy, scolding mamas are barking back at their children—er, animals.

The dog park culture and community is really an oddly intriguing one. There are the early birds, the late-comers, those who stay forever, and those who just whiz on through (gross wordplay, my apologies). Dog owners go about sizing each other up, examining apparel, toys, leashes, dog handling, dog grooming, and overall self-grooming.

Bottom line, if you don’t want to be a dog park faux, but rather make a few friends, here are some fashion tips and conversation suggestions:

You must have your ‘dog park clothes,’ that are suitable to get paw-printed up, are semi-athletic, a

nd make you look cool and casual. The simplest solution? Velvet’s Ritzy Crop Leggings. Comfortable, sporty-enough, and darker than dirt, leggings will get you to and from the park without getting ripped apart.

On top, try to brighten it up. There’s a fine line between the bed-headed dog owner look and simply rocking the relaxed feel, but opting for a pop of color to pair with the leggings should keep you on the rockin’ side. Try the updated big-T look with this Jamison Alession top. The pink has a summery punch and will make you all the more appealing to the dog-park dedicated.

Accessory-wise, ditch your shades, show your eyes, and get over your trying-to-be-low-profile self and simply mingle. Keep in classy with some sophisticate MJ Black Enamel bobby pins to jazz up the facial perimeter instead.

As for your little footsies, which we know are super important and should never be subjected to gravel or dirt-induced torture, keep them covered! Choose a sneaker variety–one in a darker hue–and don’t get too upset when you leave a little scuffed up. No need to ditch your edginess entirely, however, just stick to the more durable studs for pointy ornamenting. Studded Converse low top sneakers should do the trick.

My last dog-parking tip is to bring a fashionable, TOTALLY FUNCTIONAL leash. Yes, leash. I don’t mean a lovely, braided, Italian leather one crafted by the oldest, wisest hands in Firenze. No, no. I mean a leash that either comes with or allows for

easy doggy-doo pick-up. The Doody Duffle, for example, attaches to leases and allows for responsible owners to carry their dog’s doo to the nearest trash in the most pleasant way possible.

Do yourself a favor and avoid dog park drama. Doo the right thing.

Fashion saving the day yet again.


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