The Vintage Advantage

Coming back to the city after a weekend well spent in the alternate Annapolis, MD yacht club universe, I seem to have returned with some patriotic leftovers, both spiritual and aesthetic. Dressing this morning, I found myself slipping into linen pants, slapping on Kat Von D Underage Red lipstick, and wrapping limp locks around the corrective curling iron. More primping going on than usual, my out-of-character French manicure all of a sudden seemed fitting.

Between the linen and the lips, I’m still feeling a little bit of that nautical vibe and wondering about the connotations of it all. Here I am feeling confident and commanding, outfitted in a rather typified feminine manner that one might assume would undermine my abilities in the business world. Reflecting upon the irony, I realize this current experience is representative of a woman’s entrepreneurial strength.

Inspired by anything, old or new, its past relevance becomes insignificant and its future application intrigues. Women are capitalizing on their delicacies, if you will. Waltzing past Wall Street with creativity in their supposedly dated coin purses, women entrepreneurs are updating (and changing) past stereotypes while profiting!

Lauren, of Dear Golden Vintage, a youthful shop owner based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has morphed her fancy for the finer, older things of life into a fulfilling business.  Featuring items to outfit head to toe, each piece in her inventory has character and particular appeal. The Vintage Cartographer Bag, currently posted on, is one of those appealing-at-second-glance type items. It’s got an understated chicness about it, only suitable for the well-clad.

Lauren’s mission to bring vintage inspiration to the modern wardrobe varies slightly from the retro-mocking money makers. The 50’s housewives that grace the pages of stationary, fronts of pencil pouches, magnets and the like, are often accompanied by witty whims or wonderings. Take the exemplary note card below, capturing a loving embrace between a joyful man and wife: The happy homemaker welcoming her breadwinner home with the sole intention of feeding his physical hunger (no pun, just fun-intended). But regardless of the intention of the vintage re-introduction, women are making money off of the past in a very present way. Such is the task of the female entrepreneur. I’m not shedding light on anything new here, I’m simply taking a nod from these backward-looking females and re-presenting the entrepreneurial women phenomenon.

Let’s keep the buzz going 🙂


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