Peppy Strides

This morning, I smiled as I descended the steps into my NYC subway steam bath, only after hearing the morning weather enjoyment of an exiting passenger. He happily, thankfully emerged doting, “this morning is so cool and luscious,” evoking an unintended giggle on my end. The combination of words and his youthful character induced my own merry trotting, as I prepared for my less-luscious, but surprisingly cool ride.

Shockingly efficient this morning, perhaps the universe detected my peppy stride and decided to keep me moving forward, positively.

Moving forward, positively and efficiently is thus the identified and chosen theme of the day! Three cheers for a mid-week pick me up post! A product-oriented and promoting post, of course.

The product that made my transition from above ground to our NYC not-so-chic underground was my nifty Deux Lux gold glitter card holder of the Sparkle Baby collection. Easily whipped out of any tote, my Charlie Card is kept handy; no stalling at the turnstile while frantically searching for that golden ticket, just strolling.

Item number two keeping me in tact this fine morning: my CitySlips! In all honesty, I’m too vain to wear my foldable flats to work in the morning. When I arise and have taken the time to carefully coordinate a trendy ensemble—including outfit-completing footwear—I anticipate the (imagined) admiration of passersby in awe of my striking style. This morning, however, my tan suede-toed, mostly-white patent flats failed me. The discounted Anthropologie footwear tormented my toes beyond belief and forced a premature transition out of chosen flats and into my golden saviors. (Gold seems to be the color of the day!)

5 Carmine St. @ 6th Ave

And as for a promotion, may the CitySlips girls suggest popbar pursuit this afternoon. An alternative to an alcoholic bar, popbar offers a variety of frozen delights, including PopGelato, PopSorbetto and PopYogurt. Keep things moving along swimmingly—and keep that swimsuit figure—by treating yourself to entirely fruit-based Strawberry Lemon PopSorbetto. By choosing this pop you’ll get your sugary fix and avoid the bar-induced sailor-like swearing.

You’ll glide through your day by incorporating these positively efficient (yes, PopSorbetto is now deemed “efficient”) glitzy card holder, your soothing sole-utions, and by seeking out sorbetto. Before you know it, it’ll be Thursday and you’ll be that much closer to patriotic partying. (Happy early 4th!)


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