Lionette: Embrace Your Inner Empress

Lionette, a name appropriately capturing a feeling of simultaneous fierceness and delicacy, has a way of empowering empresses everywhere. There’s an exotic undertone in the careful construction of the designs, which are all reminiscent of and inspired by the female form.

The female forms behind Lionette’s launch are two exotic women themselves, Miss Noa Sade of Israel and China-born, NYC-raised Vanessa Lee. The two women have banded together as designer lionesses, confidently claiming their territory in the jewelry jungle. This jungle promotes the “untamed,” wanting women to enjoy nature and natural tendencies toward wildness.

This dynamic duo, inspired and engaging, has been part of the CitySlips pack practically since the flats’ inception. Having exchanged experiences as female entrepreneurs who share a passion for pristine product and aim to exhilarate women through enjoyable fashion, these four ladies have launched and learned together. Montmartre boutique of NYC is a more tangible connection point for these two companies, retailing both Lionette’s alluring line as well as CitySlips; a market meeting place for the girls, the products, and shoppers alike!

Montmartre locations: Broadway, Columbus Circle, Madison Ave

Lionette’s pieces have a tendency to be location-named, compounding and reinforcing the spirit of the line, exploring and free.


The Malaga pieces, referencing Spain’s prized region resting on the Costa del Sol, have a magical, precious presence. They speak for themselves in their northern lights-quality attraction and undoubtedly carry the beauty of the Mediterranean in their appearance. These pieces function equally well complementing a simple Alexander Wang tank dress, or a more light-hearted little  L*Space Bikini. Slip into the latter and mentally place yourself on that Malaga sand–you’ll have piece of mind AND a pretty pendant.

The Hawaii and Brazilia Champagne pieces ensure the same outfit completion and personal enjoyment with their golden strands and sparkling gems.



These glorious gems–speaking of the physical stones as well as Noa and Vanessa–are worth following and hunting down. Sniff out their track and follow their lead–they’re onto something with their wild ways.

Paris Prowling with Lionette!


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