Alternative Approach

“Just like pre-school, Sir. One at a time”

These wise words, uttered this morning by an irritated Herald Square Starbucks customer, were clearly an attempt to express her frustration using mommy-appropriate lingo. Despite her effort, however, her tone and the accompanying eye-bulging totally blew her cover.

Watching this attempt to mask bubbling up fury at one gentleman’s over-reach for the milk stirred up a few thoughts about what else we fail at hiding despite heroic efforts. The list quickly formulated. Emotionally, there is a tiresome list of poorly denied or discarded feelings: sadness, loneliness…enjoyment at the fact that your hated coworker just spilled coffee on her white Theory blouse. And physically-speaking, there’s an equally tiresome list of unfortunate disguisings: the caked-over blemish, the greasy-hair up-do, the control-top Duane Reade brand panty hose…

While the emotional piece is something you’re going to have to work on a couple times a week in your therapist’s office, let’s try to identify a few behavioral fashion-oriented techniques to more healthily combat the physical problems.

The skin reveals all; the human’s largest organ and most exposing, one irritated red bump can offset an otherwise radiating complexion. So you aggressively decide to attack the intrusion with an army of varying foundations and concealers supposedly on your side. Well, sadly, you lose the battle and end up highlighting your face’s temporary misfortune. Laura Mercier’s skin care products are a much more appropriate approach to smoothing things over. Her Flawless Face collection, including a reasonable four step primer-foundation-concealer-powder remedy, works with your skin to bring out its natural glow as opposed to covering up your natural color with an arbitrary, non-matching shade.

As for the greasy-hair, Hair Fix of yesterday’s blog post again comes to the rescue, and Spanx, well, they’re always a reliable body-shaping resource. And of course, we’ve already identified CitySlips as the toe-saving flats, both hiding pedicure-needing toenails and relieving arch pain.

But what about the bad self-tanner situation, or the excessive eyebrow fringe? We suggest another skin-conscious brand: Jergens. It’s not a Sephora label, but a reliable updated old-timer. Jergens Natural Glow will correct your bronzing mistake, allowing you to take a more gradual, effective approach by moisturizing your deserving skin daily. The eyebrow fringe, however, just requires a little creativity. A savvy girl tip is to use that mascara wand (We CitySlips girls happen to LOVE Too Faced Lash Injection. Super Volumizing!). Eyebrows looking too much like weeping willows? After applying mascara, lightly comb back the stragglers and put them in their place. Voila! Well-groomed, manicured eyebrows.

Having identified a few effective exterior-related solutions, hopefully you’ll be better prepared to tackle the more difficult and surprising emotional disturbances of the day. Even skin and sleek eyebrows can do a lot for your temperament!


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