The In-Between Scene

So often we find ourselves in the in between, whether it’s in between appointments, pedicures, events, or boyfriends. When in this space or time frame, there’s typically a need to be tended to. CitySlips can satisfy the in between-appointment, heels-are-killing-me need, or cover up the chipped away toe polish for the week between pedicures, but unfortunately we can’t quench your appetite between meals, or spruce up your hair between showers.

Some of our beauty-expert, fashion-conscious friends, however, have made the effort to take care of chickies struggling in these dyer situations.

Purple Lab founder, Karen Rabinovitz, for example, has developed a revolutionary little lip gloss with a touch of orange peel extract, Hoodia, and its P57 composition built into each sparkle. While the orange peel extract boosts your metabolism, Hoodia—the natural extract coming from a cactus-like flora—is likely being accidentally licked by your tongue and sending signals of fullness to your brain.  Apparently, this ingredient functions like sugar and may relieve hunger pangs. So, perhaps in those few moments between meetings or classes when that second scone seems to be calling your name, a glossy distraction could help your preserve your appetite, your pristine form, and even add some color to your face’s palette.

Hair Fix is another reliable sprucer-upper to depend on between washes. The product, essentially a masking dry-shampoo, “is not your grandma’s dry shampoo!” Rather, it’s the vegan alternative that comes in four colors: black, brown, white, and red. Hair Fix rescues roots from the inexcusable oily look, lifting them up to withstand one more day. Overslept and rushing to work? Sprinkle Hair Fix’s naturally-infused powder (organic essential oil based) atop your locks and rock your smart girl solution. Off you go, primped and prepared.

There are all sorts of solutions in our problem-filled age, it’s just that you have to seek them out. It seems that there are certain omniscient women that are always in the know, but they’re only solution-savvy because of all of their researching. Or digging, scheming, or nagging. But anyway, we at CitySlips get a thrill out of solution-seeking, so keep checking back for more everyday chic-chick usable suggestions!


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