It seems that men, ironically enough, have an unparalleled appreciation and understanding for our practical flats purpose. There’s something about the problem-solution concept that just makes sense to them—it clicks: if women have easy access to reliable, backup footwear, men will be saved of sore-foot inspired tirades.

My frat boy summer roommate elaborated on the issue for me last night, pointing out that not only are men subject to serious complaining, but they are also at risk of losing a prized pair of flip flops to sneaky sorority girls.  His elaboration put us on a tangent conversation involving items guys lose to girls who are at the mercy of fashion, ignoring discomfort until near-collapse desperation has them borrowing male apparel. Apparently, mesh shorts, college Ts and oversized hoodies are among the flip flops as oft-“borrowed” items that are rarely returned.

While CitySlips offers a solution to the flip flop situation, our functional footwear can’t be responsible for relieving corseted bodies or supplementing peeled off jeans. There simply isn’t enough fabric in our expanding pouch to outfit the whole female form. We can, however, suggest a few cute alternatives to these male-inspired items 😉

You might have to tuck these away in your Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag, but wouldn’t you rather pull out the goddessy, willowing pants than a bending into a pair of tired out track shorts? Your bum and boyfriend alike will thank you. Gauze Smocked Pant.

An equally friendly and seductive alternative, the Vince Burnout Sweatshirt Tee is irresistible in its luxuriously soft fabric. Keeping with this same goddess-esque white, flowy vibe, you’re sure to feel as radiant as you look. Lie back, clasp your hands behind your head, and demand royal treatment. And perhaps vine-ripe grapes. No, it’s not a monogrammed college hoodie, but when offered Burnout, why go bumming?

Own your fashion and femininity, even in the most inconvenient of times. Like I said, these latter alternatives are not so practical for the spontaneous, random night spent out, but its simply inexcusable not to at least have your backup flats. You’ll be doing yourself and the boys an incredible favor.


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