Whimsical Wednesday

Let’s play dress-up. It’s something I haven’t done in a while, and besides, what else would you rather do on a semi-cloudy Wednesday morning? Our manikin is the CitySlips jet-setter. She’s gotta look top-notch and inspired.

I’d like to start by defining our little jet-setters style and personality. She’s definitely a girly-girl, enchanted by whimsical pieces, but adoring of the effortlessly classic look. Intimidating only in her beauty, her words fall like dollops of dreamy dew upon ears of admirers and fashion-followers. And of course she has a totally high power job that affords her this lifestyle of luxury that we’re all jealous and drooling over.

But onto her fab fashions and trendy travel girl faves.

A Parker cami dress is the main staple of her easy-chic look. A subdued pattern, Galaxy conveys her sharp and sophisticated, yet soft and sultry persona.

The simplicity of a cami dress allows for freedom in accessorizing the frock. To keep from undoing the mesmerizing work of the galaxy pattern, however, let’s limit the extraneous items. These round Alexander Wang frames cater to the Ray Ban wayfarer look, but have an updated edge. er, curve. Large enough, chic enough, dark enough–just enough.

So frames and frock, our glam jet-setter has a couple basics, but is obviously lacking an uber-cute tote. Where shall her Bobby Brown bronzing brick, luxurious Emryolisse leg-lustifying lotion, or trusty CitySlips pouch be stowed? Today, the BE & D new Garbo tote will be entrusted with the task. Perhaps tomorrow, a quieter Tory bag.  The delicate blue picks up just enough of the galaxy’s glimmer and the studs, well, they’re just rocker; kinda glam, kinda bad ass.

But to top it all off and tie it all together, our jet-setter will thrust her tousled tendrils back and ornament her fashionista bun with some ROARKE new york action. With the headband on her side, our girl won’t be a victim to travel’s hair torment.

And…Voila! CitySlips jet-setter is styled and ready to strut. The smart, chic traveler is ready for take off. Destination? Wherever she desires.

YAY for mid-week whimsy 🙂


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