It’s Shecky’s Time!

Today, CitySlips will join countless other vendors all a twitter, caught up in the pre-Shecky’s Girls’ Night Out excitement. Scrambling to find our booth placement and aligning our tablecloth and product just-so demands unfaltering focus; frankly, it’s a little challenging to hold onto this focus amidst frantic fellow scramblers, but once set up is complete, the calm that comes with preparedness tends to lull everyone back to sanity. And then the true, awaited craziness begins!

Shecky's girls SHOP!

With attendees including some of New York’s (and Jersey’s too!) finest female shoppers, the additional effect of the open bar’s alcohol really brings the event to life. Moving methodically, starting at the bar and then progressing booth to booth (and back to bar), Shecky’s women have the opportunity to graze on some fantastic finds, from entrepreneurial jewelers’ collections to delectable desserts. In this progression, women will happily stumble upon our CitySlips booth, finding us in their time of need: the hour in which the strappy stilettos are no longer enhancing their stride, but hindering their shopping. And, after a pleasant visit to the CitySlips booth, we encourage women to carry on, forge ahead, and continue the pursuit of fashion’s fabulousness, all to be found on the event floors.

The event is just too cute, too fun. Really—women’s cheeks all aglow from the giddy, girlish gallivanting (or simply from the bound-to-be-overheated venue space), it’s an experience for vendors and shoppers alike. While these interactions and mingling make for enjoyment on all parties behalves, it’s the goodie bag that has tails wagging and tongues drooling. Packed with a variety of products covering a spectrum of needs—KY and Gillette being a couple of previously packed brands—this benefit bag is a big bonus of the evening.

A bigger bonus of the evening, however, would be YOUR attendance! Check out the Shecky’s site—realize just how amazing it is—and sign yourself up for the event! We’ll see you there!

xx The Girls @ CitySlips


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