Savvy Storage

After inefficiently trekking home yesterday, boarding my bus with two bags arbitrarily loaded with a hodgepodge of clothes, shoes, technological devices, and beauty items, my thoughts are tending toward those of more efficient storage today.  With CitySlips—one of these efficiency-geared products—being such an active player in my daily life, I’ve recently been seeking out potential companions for my functional flats. Being chic in portability goes such a long way, literally keeping possessions safe, fresh, or together, but also catering to the human esteem need of looking and feeling FAB. In all seriousness though, it’s a struggle to keep all of our necessities from chaotically colliding in the Mary Poppins-like totes that every woman’s purse seems to become. Allow me to introduce a few products that will at least turn this chaos into collected clutter.

The Banana Saver functions to not only only save your potassium-powered fruit from bag-inflicted bruising, but makes snack carrying infinitely easier. Don’t pay a dollar at the bodega when your $0.15 Trader Joe’s banana could satisfy the exact same hunger. You’ll impress your co-workers, simply enjoy using the quirky carrier, and perhaps strike up some water cooler conversation with the cutie across the way.

Another purse-swimming item, the tampon, should be contained and easily found in times of need. Rummaging through your oversized Rebecca Minkoff pre-bathroom dash is so not cute and leaves you frantic and frenzied. By securing your feminine protection in its own protective carrying case, specifically in Caia Koopman’s carrying case, you’ll be a discreet Diva. Her ultra feminine, yet Tim Burton-esque designs might again inspire water cooler convo, but we might want to refrain from engaging the cutie in this chat. Let’s keep it to chick chat.

Continuing with the chickie chat: have you found yourself a classy condom carrier yet? Such sufficient women as ourselves should always be prepared, protecting ourselves and the equally important little latex protectors. Keeping condoms out of the nail clipper’s and tweezer’s reach, the Just in Case condom compact combats potentially-puncturing purse items, hiding the condom beneath the mirror compact. Impress your man with your smart, savvy preparedness and MAKE OUT so much better.

While storage solutions may not always be at the forefront of our minds, perhaps they should be. With organization comes ease, a boost of confidence, and significantly less panic in those inevitable and dreaded moments of not being able to find your goods.


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