In Pooch Paradise

As the roommate and I have recently had spirited discussions about adopting a dog and perhaps ending our apparent mouse problem, my own snout seems to be detecting the scents of Manhattan puppies on every block. The dog population, whether I’m imagining its growth or it’s truly booming, has inspired reflection upon the lifestyle of a dog-owner. While playing in fenced-in dog parks and attending doggy behavioral classes has never quite appealed, joining the K-9 culture and community could be rather nice. There’s a certain bond among dog-owners; next time you observe two leash handlers walking past each other, note the smile, head nod, and pet-scanning that occurs. If the dogs relate and connect, there may even be a pause mid-path, a further evaluative opportunity, and perhaps even a few exchanged words: A comment on your little Petunia’s ravishing collar, admiration of your new MJ shades, or an inquisitive glance at your trendy CitySlips flats and tote. Yup, CitySlips score another point as the ultimate lunch time dog-walking accommodation, saving your business heels from the danger of dog poo and minimizing the tripping factor for when Petunia dashes for the hydrant. All of a sudden the high-involvement, pooch-focused lifestyle is oddly glamorous. What high heels will I be tossing in my silky tote? My python Christian Louboutin’s, red soled and absolutely scrumptious, or how about my Miu Miu Mary Janes? Off I go into my fantastical fashion world; maybe I really do need that grounding tug of the leash. But until I feel that pull or reel in reality, why not pursue this glamorized dog-walking avenue and the plethora of accessories lining it?

You’re dripping in gems—or some JCrew quartz—and your pup is jealous. Keep her classy with her own neck décor and invest in the Westin Collar, crafted from fine leather and embellished with Austrian crystals. Brought to you by Isabella Cane: It’s a Beautiful Dog

Catering again to my more fantastical, far off fashion desires, we have Judith Lieber’s handiwork in Dachsund form. Romeo Dog Minaudier, the Austrian-crystalled, Italian-origined luxe clutch, embodies all the glitz, glamour, and sophistication a trendy acclaimed dog-lover could wish to exude. If you think its beauty is stunning though, just wait til you check out the price tag. An item for the Christmas List, perhaps?

While Isabella Cane’s collar and leash set may be just a tad more practical than Judith Lieber’s dollar-devouring Dachsund, the two pet-related products shine light on the variety and extensiveness of dog culture. It’s kind of fun sniffing out the different types of accessories; You really get a chance to sharpen your aesthetic senses.


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