The Pregnant Parade

Recently, parades of pregnant women embracing their fertile bliss have been marching down Manhattan streets in style. They tend to fly in flocks, sometimes with young toddlers in tow, high rolling with their Stokke strollers and StorkSak diaper bags. The pregnant primadonna should be commended for keeping up her class and flair during this swollen-feet ridden, back-aching, breast-bulging time. The entitlement attitude is deserved, admirable, and rather attractive. You carry that baby, girl!  These luxe pregnancy and mommy accessories, however, help temper the snippier moments by providing these women with smart, soothing solutions. While our CitySlips comfort the sweaty soles that end up pouring over the edges of stilettos at baby showers and the like, our little flats can’t quite cater to the larger needs of beautiful Buddha bellies or the woes of morning sickness. These maternity-friendly products, however, quell such qualms in their own creative way.

BellyFlopz, for instance, has solved the pregnant woman’s flotation device issue (a problem which most pregnant women are likely unaware that they have), by designing a raft that accommodates the belly with a secure, circular opening. The gentle, cool pool water balances out the warmth of the sun rays on the lounger’s back, adding to the raft’s weightless experience.

And as for that morning sickness, Preggie Pops are the natural, healthy solution that allows women to nosh away the nausea. Perhaps not nosh, but certainly do away with the notoriously nagging sickness. They’re lollipop candies developed by health care professionals with the intention of relieving symptoms of pregnancy in a tasty, feel-good way. Tell morning sickness to suck it.

To keep moms-to-be in their premium denim, not sacrificing a season of style, Belly Belts are crucial. It’s true that some brands, namely Citizens of Humanity, Paige Premium Denim, and Rock and Republic, are dedicated to maternity jean production, but the lure of dolling out big bucks for a temporarily-big belly is not so great. Meanwhile, this Belly Belt and its elastic, crafty self wants to keep pregnant women and their jeans united during the expanding period. It attaches to pant button holes, providing modest coverage while extending the waist’s circumference.

A similarly practical pregnancy savior, InvisiBump straps in the extra bulk and provides security when feeling inexplicably vulnerable. Lying flat under tops, this flexible belt is a friend and supporter for your belly to lean on through the heaviest of times.

The chic Manhattanite has the opportunity to have an unmatched maternity experience; hip mommy-geared accessories are constantly popping up to cater to their specific appearance-related, status-maintaining, and very real, pregnant-woman needs. As the innovations continue, these parades of pregnant women bountifully bounding down cement will work their catwalks better than their model counterparts. After a morning of Preggie Pops poolside, what woman wouldn’t feel like strutting her BellyBelted-self down 5th Ave?



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