Because Utility ISN’T Enough

In our romantic world where functionality is more than flirting with fashion, a utilitarian persona isn’t so charming. Rather, it’s the pairing of aesthetics and efficiency that’s winning over picky personalities. How do you think CitySlips manages to land so many hot dates?

This function and style phenomenon has seeped into even the most unexpected nooks and crannies of daily life.  Being the innovation junkies that we are, here are a few fun delights that have entreated us:

Babushka Tape: These adorably head-scarved little dolls give exotic flair to the most generic of products. Seal a package with Babushkas and you’re guaranteed satisfaction on the receiver’s end. You might enjoy a few giggles yourself in the packing process. Box-brightening babes, those Babushkas are!

Load-Ding Mobile Device and Organization Station: With all of the super high tech gizmos and gadgets incessantly requiring recharging, demanding their nourishment with the same frequency as that of an angry, over-sized male, electrical outlets have become hotel operators. This nifty organization station has made this role a little easier on the outlet, however, and a little friendly for the hotel guest. Contain cords and enjoy an uncluttered charging experience.

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl: An entertainer’s ideal coffee table fixture, the Smiley Bowl solves serious trash-seekers problems. All too often guests are left holding awkwardly crumpled, hor d’oeurve-filled paper napkins, or attempt to conceal remnants of unfinished appetizers in tight conspicuous fists. This cleverly crafted bowl, however, accommodates these remnants and appeases the angry fists by providing a little palette of a receptacle for nutshells or the like.

Creativity, my friends, is what it comes down to. We’re humans who crave excitement and now demand high quality experiences in even the most typically mundane experiences. Romantic, picky, demanding, and delightful; it’s what we’ve become and what’s keeping things interesting.

Speaking of keeping things interesting in the context of functional fashion, let’s take a cue from the little one here and sport our grocery bags in style.

Now THAT'S efficient!



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