Celebrating CitySlips First Birthday!

CitySlips are celebrating their first birthday today, June 1st 2010. It seems like only yesterday their birth was publicly announced in the NY Daily News, but at one year, they’vealready taken their first steps and are striding forward, making leaps and bounds in the women’s fashion world. They’ve spoken their first words and even presented on the big screen—or the TV screen, anyway—to FOX, the Shopping Channel viewers, and ShopNBC. Big moves for such cute little flats, no?

In taking these first steps, CitySlips have made some great girlfriends in attending Shecky’s Girls Night Out events, a variety of fashion trades shows, participating in giveaways, donations, and charitable events (Ashley’s Prom, Soles4Souls); the CitySlips social event calendar has been rather packed for its first year of life.

Their socialite tendencies have landed them in boutiques nationwide and have granted them access to the online shopping scene. CitySlips are dippin’ their toes in a little bit of everything!

Way to get your feet wet, girls!


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